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Nineteen Fallen American Heroes:

Captain Christopher J. Adams

Captain Leland T. Haun

MSgt Michael G. Heiser

MSgt Kendall K. Kitson, Jr. 

SSgt Kevin J. Johnson

SSgt Ronald L. King

Sgt Millard D. Campbell

TSgt Daniel B. Cafourek 

TSgt Patrick P. Fennig

TSgt Thanh Van Nguyen

SrA Earl F. Cartrette, Jr.

SrA Jeremy A. Taylor

A1C Christopher B. Lester

A1C Brent E. Marthaler

A1C Brian W. McVeigh

A1C Peter J. Morgera

A1C Joseph E. Rimkus

A1C Joshua E. Woody

A1C Justin R. Wood

This website is dedicated to the memory of A1C Joshua Edward Woody and the eighteen other airmen who gave their lives defending their country, June 25th, 1996, at the Khobar Towers barracks complex in Daharan, Saudi Arabia.

  This site contains memories and photos of the good times we shared with Josh, as friends and family as well as some of the news articles and memorials related to the bombing and its aftermath. 

    A special section is dedicated to the Nineteen American Heroes we lost. They will Never be Forgotten.

    It has been almost 25 years since the Khobar Towers bombing occurred and the families are still seeking the same answers they were seeking more than 24 years ago. 

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