TSgt. Patrick Fennig

Hometown: Greendale, Wisconsin


Flightline Expeditor


Pat was well traveled with 7 assignments in 16 years of service.


He excelled as a Flightline Expeditor because he was able to juggle the many demands of the daily flying mission while taking care of the young men and women on the flightline. He was loved and respected by his subordinates because of his devotion to them.


Pat was selfless and the first to volunteer for any deployment. In the three years prior to his last assignment, he was deployed in support of Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY and Operation SOUTHERN WATCH three times.


Pat loved the Air Force, traveling, shooting, scuba diving and spear fishing. He liked the finer things in life; gourmet food, good wine, good scotch, and wouldn’t hesitate to pay $50 for a good hand-rolled cigar.


Pat lived life to the fullest and seized every minute!